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K9 SleepOver

Home Boarding for Dogs In Bristol

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Home Boarding for Dogs Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs are cared for at one time?
At K9SleepOver we board only a small number of dogs at a time plus there is our resident Chocolate Labrador. We can sometimes accommodate dogs from more than one family. Any boarding dog needs to be very sociable, house-trained and respond to basic commands such as Sit,Stay,Come.

Unfamiliar dogs must be introduced prior to commencement of boarding to ensure they will be happy sharing with our resident dog and he with them. These visits give both you and your dog(s) an opportunity to see where they will be staying and last up to an hour. If your dog has never been away from home before it is often a good idea to make several such visits before leaving them with us for a two week holiday. We do not charge for these familiarization visits.

How will my dog be exercised?
Dogs new to us will be walked on lead.  If you would like your dog to be exercised off-lead when in an appropriate place (the fields, woods or on the common) please let us know at the time of booking. Guests are free to use our large garden through out the day and boarders are walked twice daily (sometimes more).

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
All animals coming to visit must be up to date with their vaccinations and their vaccination card must be produced on arrival. We will require proof of vaccination before accepting any dog(s). Your dog should also have been treated for fleas and have been wormed.

Our Vets recommend your dog be inoculated against canine infectious bronchitis (Kennel Cough) we suggest you discuss this matter with your veterinary surgeon. If your dog has the Kennel Cough inoculation it should be done at least 3 weeks before visiting us.

When Should I book ?
The earlier you contact us the better. Regular returning guests often book up to a year in advance.

What do I need to bring when I drop my dog off?
To ensure your dog is as happy as can be please bring your dogs' food, for the duration of the stay, any medication that they are taking and anything else that you think will help your dog feel at home. Don’t forget proof of vaccinations.
If you normally walk your dog in a harness please bring that to. If your dog eats fresh chicken or fish, you will need to cook these and provide the food in freezer bags which can be defrosted each day. We suggest that you provide an extra sheet explaining what food or medication should be given and when.

What if my dog is unwell whilst I am away?
Where possible we will take your dog to their usual veterinary practice. In an emergency we may need to take your dog to another vet. In either case owners are responsible for any veterinary bills incurred during your dogs stay. If your dog is ill whilst you are away we will try and contact you or your alternative contact to discuss the best course of action.

Are there any dogs considered unsuitable for home boarding?
We are unable to accept out of control or aggressive dogs or dogs that are incontinent or seriously unwell.

We will not accept bookings for:
Any dog or breed registered under the Dangerous Dog’s Act.
Any dog we feel is unsuitable to board in our home.
Un spayed bitches who are in or will become in season during the time of board.
Puppies under 6 months of age.

Is K9 SleepOver Licensed and Insured?
K9 SleepOver is fully licensed by South Gloucestershire Council. We are fully insured for home boarding as well as dog walking with public liability and Care Custody and Control insurance.  

When is the fee paid for my booking?
You may be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your booking and the balance is payable at the start of boarding. These can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.  

All services supplied are subject to our terms and conditions. Printed copy available on request.